Pet Insurance Options

When it comes to pet insurance, doing your research and making sure that you choose the right company for you and your pet is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, there are tons of companies and plans to choose from, so finding that perfect insurance may seem like a challenge. In order to start somewhere, we have a list of some of the major pet insurance companies, and some important information about each of them.


This company offers one plan, with a payout at your vet’s of 90%. They base their monthly rate on the breed of pet and age of pet at their enrollment, but will not increase monthly payments as the pet gets older just because of its age. They are a good option if you are deciding to get insurance for a pet that is already a bit older, as their rates are more reasonable for this age range. They only cover unexpected veterinary costs, not the typical check-ups. They also do not have caps or coverage, so there is no maximum amount that the insurance company will pay and then leave the rest up to you.

VPI Pet Insurance

They offer both an economical plan and a comprehensive one. The economical plan covers only accidents and illness, and starts at $21 a month. The comprehensive plan covers accidents, illness, and hereditary issues, and starts at $27 a month. There is even a senior pets plan, that covers conditions more likely to be experienced by older pets. You can also choose to add routine coverage to your plan for a bit more of a monthly fee. Behavioral problems and preexisting conditions are not covered. They had have a maximum payout for conditions. For example, if you dog is treated for an ear infection, they are covered up to $650 on the comprehensive plan, and up to $325 on the economical plan. If it costs any more than that, you have to pay the balance yourself.

ASPCA Insurance

This company works together with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a well known group interested in bettering the lives of animals and pets. They pay for 80% of usual charges that are offered at 4 different levels. Level 1 covers just accidents, level 2 accidents, illnesses, and hospitalization related to an accident, level 3 covers accidents, illnesses, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and annual exams. Level 4 covers all of the above advanced vaccines. ASPCA insurance offers a 10% discount if you insure multiple pets. You can visit any certified vet in the US or Canada with this insurance.

24 Pet Watch

They cover accidents and illnesses, including hereditary conditions. You can get a multi-pet discount here as well, and you can also get a discount if you get the insurance in conjunction with their microchipping service. They have a range of programs that cover various amounts, from 70% to 100%. If you do get this insurance you are required to take your pet for annual vet visits.

PetPlan Pet Insurance

The three levels of coverage offered by PetPlan are bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze covers vet exam fees, surgery, prescription medications, cancer treatments, dental treatments, behavioral therapies, and more. Silver offers all of this and also includes kennel fees, advertising/reward costs if your pet goes missing, and loss due to theft or straying. Gold covers everything that silver includes, but also covers death from illness or injury, and vacation cancellation. They cover hereditary and chronic conditions, and your pet is covered for life.

Pets Best Insurance

You have a choice between Basic, First, and Premier. All plans reimburse you 80% of your fees with vet visits for things such as emergency visits, hospitalization, surgery, cancer treatment, tests, specialist care, prescription medication, and more. Depending on which level of coverage you go for the plan will have a maximum of $2,500 per incident to $14,000 per incident. The Basic coverage has a maximum benefit of $42,000 while the premier has a maximum of $100,000. An option called BestWellness can be added to any plan that will help to cover routine care and vet visits. Preexisting conditions, congenital conditions, and preventable conditions are not covered.

Purina Care

Purina Care is offered by the company well known for their pet food, and they now offer pet insurance as well. They have comprehensive coverage for most illnesses and injuries. There are no limits or maximums for how much they will cover per incident or throughout a pet’s life. There are three different types of choose from: Accident only, which just covers injuries and accidents, Purina Care without preventative care, illness, injury, accident, and hereditary conditions, and Purina Care with preventative care, which covers all of the above and also includes vaccinations, annual exams, and other routine care.