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Pet Assure Review:

Pet Assure was created in 1995 by pet owners. After a major denial in coverage they were tired of struggling with pet insurance companies. Pet Assure is not a pet insurance company, instead it’s a quality discount membership that takes the place of pet insurance. Pet Assure relieves pet owners from dealing with high expense and the hassle and confusion of figuring out deductibles, claim forms, etc.

With Pet Assure there is no waiting to get reimbursement or fear of getting a denial based on specific exclusions. You simply receive your discount at the time your pet is served. Pet Assure is perfect for pet owners who want to be prepared, but aren’t ready or don’t want the headache of dealing with insurance claims and companies. Through Pet Assure every pet is covered regardless of age or breed, so go ahead breathe easy.

How it works:

Pet Assure works by partnering with thousands of veterinarians nationwide. After signing your pet up for Pet Assure you can search for Pet Assure friendly providers by entering your zip code into their system and presto you will see a listing of participating vets in your area. No need to worry about claim forms and receipts. Just present your card at the time of purchase and receive an instant discount of 25% off your entire vet bill. If you forget your card there is a membership verification number that will work in most instances, so that you will still get your discount, even without the card. Your card and discount can also be used at participating pet retailer for a sizable discount. Cards are sent out the day or day after your enrollment, so unlike pet insurance companies you won’t have to worry about waiting periods before you start to recoup your benefits.

Insurance Alternative or Supplement – Pet Assure is an affordable and very viable alternative to pet insurance. However, it can also be a nice supplement to your insurance plan if you feel that your pet needs more coverage or if you are already enrolled in an insurance plan. Pet Assure can save you money even if you are enrolled in an insurance plan by offering you a discount on the amount, every discount is a flat 25%, of the expense before the deductible is reached and the insurance kicks in.

Back-Up Plan – Pet Assure may also provide a solid back-up plan if your claim happens to be denied for any reason, which does sometimes happen. You and your pet may also get stuck with a hefty bill if the vet or insurance company determines that a condition was pre-existing, genetically linked, or falls under another exclusion category. When your pet insurance company cannot or will not be there for you Pet Assure will be.


Maybe the biggest selling point for Pet Assure is the low flat rate cost to pet owners. Pet insurance is pricey and not everyone can afford the $20 to $60 (on the low end) monthly rates that pet insurance companies charge; not to mention deductibles and co-pays. This is where Pet Assure comes in offering plans for dogs and cats at less than $10 a month regardless of your pet’s age or breed. Pet Assure breaks it down into three simple plans:

  • The Single Dog Plan is $9.95 a month with a $10 processing fee. Or you can pay annually and get a two month discount (on monthly rate for 12 months) bringing the price down to $99 a year and no processing fee.
  • The Single Cat Plan is only $7.95 a month with a $10 processing fee or again less with annual pay at $79 and no processing fee.
  • Have more than one best friend? Pet Assure allows you to enroll the whole family on their Family Plan for a price of $13.95 a month with a $10 processing fee or $149 annually and no fee.


Coverage is simple. When you provide your Pet Assure card or verification at a participating veterinary practice you will immediately receive a discount of 25% on services. This coverage includes visits, exams, surgeries, and diagnostics such as, X-Rays, MRIs, CT Scans etc. All plans also include the added benefits of up to 50% off of pet products through participating retailers.

No Age Restrictions – The perks of Pet Assure coverage are that any pet old or young can be enrolled, any breed, and in any state of health. This can be a great option for pets that will be turned down by insurance companies due to pre-existing conditions or hereditary disorders. These pets will be eligible for Pet Assure just like any other pet.

Covers More than Just Dogs and Cats – Pets other than dogs and cats can be covered through Pet Assure. Your horse or other large animal may be enrolled in the Single Dog Plan despite the name. The Simple Cat Plan can be used to enroll small animals including rodents and reptiles.

Lost Pet Recovery 24/7 Monitoring Service – The Lost Pet Recovery Service is included with all plans and comes in the form of a tag that you attach to your pet’s collar. On this tag is an ID number and the number to the Lost Pet Recovery Service Hotline. When someone finds your pet and calls the number on the tag they will reach Pet Assure who will contact you and help to facilitate the reunion of you and your lost pet.

Exclusions – Pet Assure does have some exclusion to the discount. Pet Assure does not offer discounts on already discounted services, products such as medications, food, and flea or heart worm medications. They also do not cover non-medical boarding, grooming costs, and any outside specialist services, such as lab work. Mileage fees will also not be discounted by mobile veterinary clinics.

Why we rate Pet Assure Pet Insurance as #4:

Pet Assure is a great low cost option for those who do not want the expense of pet insurance or the headache of figuring rates and deductibles out. Pet Assure provides coverage for all animals and thereby will help many who are turned away by pet insurance companies for coverage due to age or pre-existing or genetic conditions. Pet Assure provides a hefty discount of 25% on services and is honored at thousands of participating veterinary clinics nationwide. Pet owners can also save money through discounts on pet products through participating retailers, so pet owners can really end up saving a lot through this program.

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