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our top rated pet insurance companies of 2014
Accident & Illness Coverage
No Caps on Claims
Coverage Starting at $15/mo
Unlimited Lifetime Benefits
Visit Any Licensed Veterinarian
You Can Request
A Free Quote
At Anytime!
One Simple, Easy to Understand Plan
Choose Your Own Deductible
90% Pay Out
No limits Per Claim, Year or Lifetime
Gives Back with Trupanion Pet Charity
Hours of Operation
Contact Trupanion
24 hours a Day
Plans Start at Less Than $1 Per Day
Up to $14,000 Per Incident Limit
Max Lifetime Benefit of up to $100,000
80% Coverage After Deductible
No Reduction of Benefits B/C of Age
Hours of Operation
M-F 7am-7pm MT
Sat 10am-2pm MT
All Ages & Breeds Covered
Discount Plan Not Insurance
25% off Veterinary Care
Up to 50% off Pet Supplies
Good at Thousands of Vets Nationwide
You Can Request
A Free Quote
At Anytime!
Lifetime Maximum of up to $50,000
Use Any Veterinarian
No Upper Age Limits
Covers Breed Specific Conditions
Embrace Donates to Animal Charities
Hours of Operation
M-F 8:30am-8pm EST
Sat 9am-1pm EST